JA Felt


“Arnold's passionate pursuit of new and innovative techniques, and her resulting work, expands our thinking about felt.”
Matilda McQuaid. Deputy Curatorial Director, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Janice Arnold has made it her life to know and understand Felt. She has researched and worked with nomadic tribes of Central Asia and Mongolia and studied the high tech world of industrial felt. Arnold approaches her art and projects with intellectual sensibility and an open minded design sense. These skills combine to offer an unparalleled perspective.

JA is equally comfortable as a collaborator or solo artist and is driven by quality, design, refinement and challenge. She balances function, and practices design as a cohesive combination of intention, working with people and elements to create harmony.

Felt is a process* and a product.

Felt is not a singular kind of fabric, rather an expanding universe of textiles, with limitless potential.

*creating non-woven fabric from raw fiber