JA Felt

JA’s felted fabrics "take on qualities of both silk and wool, plus an ethereal third dimension that arise from the mix. They are supple and luminous, cobwebby yet durable, and beautifully wayward in appearance not just from piece to piece, but also from inch to inch.” Julie Laskey, Editor-in-Chief ID magazine Feature Fabric, New & Notable Issue Dec 2005



artist's statement

My inspiration comes from the collaboration of many elements: raw organic materials, historic process and the natural world. It is my artistic passion to take the ancient art form of feltmaking and blend it with a modern aesthetic to create art and textiles that transcend time, looking both modern and ancient.

The current high tech world with its synthetic surroundings has taken us far from the natural world and our historic traditions of making things by hand. We are starved for natural textures, fibers and irregular forms. I believe wool Felt connects us with our natural history in a way no other fabric can.