JA Felt


Site specific permanent installation
The Bar at the Edge of the Earth
Celebrity Cruise Lines: Summit, Constellation

Collaboration with:
Stephanie Cardinal, Hylo Design and Architecture
Jean-Francois Bouchard, Creative Director, Special Events Division
Bob Whelan, Production Manager, Special Events Division

Design Objective:
To transform the premier lounge of two premium cruise ships into an other-worldly environment to serve as the setting for an interactive Cirque du Soleil Experience called “The Bar at the Edge of the Earth.”

Our participation started with the design and creation of the Felt which was used for projection screens, entrance curtains, tent fabric, interior screens, furniture, and a complex fabric art wave installation on the ceiling. As the project evolved, our participation grew to include the design and fabrication of several hanging systems, with installation by the JA FELT team.

Process & Result


“JA FELT is an artisan and fabric supplier that Cirque du Soleil holds in high regard. Her dedication to the BATEOTE project is without reproach and from an artistic perspective she has delivered with passion and professionalism.”
Bob Whelan, Production Manager, Cirque du Soleil/ Int’l Headqtrs